December 2021

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Friends in Philanthropy: December 2021 Issue

“My daughter told me she would rather be the kind of person who got scammed out of $70 than the kind of person who didn’t help a mama and her baby sleep in a warm place.”

– An anonymous parent describing a young woman’s
spontaneous act of kindness

If you’re looking for insights on the strategic side of philanthropy, you’ll find plenty in this month’s issue: financial trends to anticipate in 2022, lessons from the Haiti missionary kidnapping, and ideas for knitting your workplace back together by planning volunteer events.

But even the most analytical donor sometimes feels the impulse to cut out all the contemplation and just help someone in need on a whim. So for our final issue of the year, we’re also pointing you to 5 stories of philanthropists who were suddenly moved to perform acts of kindness for strangers without all the fuss.

We hope their experiences serve as a reminder that underneath all the chatter about tax law and expense ratios lies the true beating heart of philanthropy: the very human, very divine urge to lend a hand when you see someone hurting.

Get Inspired by These 5 Stories of Spontaneous Generosity (National Christian Foundation) – Yes, it’s wise to plan your giving. But sometimes you just want to do something kind on a whim—like stage an impromptu grocery trip to feed 600 people!

9 Trends That Will Shape Philanthropy in 2022 (Giving USA) – Nimbler planning, smarter measuring, and DAF growth galore. Here’s what donors and nonprofits will be talking about next year.

Habitat For Humanity’s First 3D-Printed House Gave This Family a Very Merry Christmas (CNN) – April Stringfield and her son got to move into their first home just in time for the holidays. Good thing it only took 12 hours to build.

What Should We Learn From the Haiti Missionary Crisis? (The Better Samaritan) – Thanks to a miraculous escape from their captors, all 17 kidnapped missionaries are now home safe. But what does this tragic situation mean for the future?

Reconnect Your Staff And Restore Culture Through Philanthropy (Forbes) – The rise of remote work makes team-building activities more important than ever. Here’s how your company can benefit by organizing to do good.

Photos courtesy of Unsplash.

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