Monthly Issues

August 2023

Will A.I. and other technology unleash a golden age of philanthropy? Some people have high hopes. Plus, the epiphany about giving that hit Greg Horton as he was trapped in airplane wreckage.

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Prescription pills out of the bottle

January 2023

Even this farmer’s family didn’t know about his secret 10-year act of charity. Plus, middle-class donations are collapsing. What does that mean for the future of philanthropy?

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A globe hovering above someone's hand

December 2022

There’s a new #1 charity in America—but even they’re not exactly celebrating. Then, a “progress roundup” highlights the good that happened globally in 2022.

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A gold trophy

November 2022

A major survey finds MacKenzie Scott’s radical grantmaking experiment is working like a charm. Plus, the philanthropy fallout of the FTX collapse, and 10 tips for getting the next generation engaged in your foundation.

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Graffiti painting of Dolly Parton

October 2022

Do you need a giving strategy? Maybe not—if you’re Dolly Parton. Also: a new micro loan program tries to prevent evictions, and how Laurene Powell Jobs’s foundation “goes beyond the grant.”

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