November 2023

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Friends in Philanthropy: November 2023 Issue

“By 1980 I started thinking, ‘Where is all this leading and what am I going to do with it?’ I’m a guy who can be happy with a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich.”

– Chuck Feeney on his desire to find a meaningful use for his wealth

Chuck Feeney’s life consisted of two enormous successes. The first was building an $8 billion fortune in business. The second was giving it all away.

Feeney, who passed away October 9th, was the world’s foremost advocate of “giving while living,” which encourages people to use their wealth for good in their own lifetime.

For Feeney, that meant supporting everything from public health in Vietnam to earthquake relief in Haiti. After zeroing out his foundation’s endowment with one last gift to his alma mater Cornell in 2020, his life’s work was complete.

Read on for more about Feeney’s life, as well as stories and tips from other givers who share his same spirit of selflessness.

An empty bench on green grass in a park

Bill Gates on What Made Chuck Feeney Great (Gates Notes) – The founder of Duty Free Shoppers passed away at age 92 in October—but not before giving away his entire $8 billion fortune. Bill Gates shares why Feeney was such a hero to him.

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How To Donate Your Life Insurance To Charity (Forbes Advisor) – Donating an insurance policy can greatly multiply your impact compared to giving cash. Here are three ways to arrange that, including pros and cons for each approach.

A mattress and sleeping bag on the street

How Philanthropy Is Tackling Homelessness More Holistically (Philanthropy Roundtable) – With homelessness rising sharply, some nonprofits are challenging the dominant “housing first” solution by emphasizing job training and mental health support.

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Bigger Barns or Treasure in Heaven: 3 Lessons from Luke (National Christian Foundation) – The Gospel of Luke contains many lessons on money and possessions. What if we considered them as one long teaching?

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Year-End Tips for Hitting Your Foundation’s Minimum Distribution (Exponent Philanthropy) – Not sure if you’ve met your 5% annual distribution requirement yet? Find out which expenditures qualify, which don’t, and how to catch up if you’re still behind for the year.

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See Who’s Featured in Town & Country’s Philanthropy Issue (Town & Country) – Celebrities like Michael J. Fox and Arnold Schwarzenegger shared their giving philosophies, while lesser-known leaders discussed why their missions matter.

A child walking with a backpack

Inside the Georgia Middle School That Helps Refugee Girls Flourish (UNHCR) – Resettled girls from around the world are finding peace at Global Village Project, a school near the refugee-friendly town known as “the Ellis Island of the South.”

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