January 2022

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Friends in Philanthropy: January 2022 Issue

“If you are feeling off, maybe you need to give some of yourself away each week.”

– Author Jamie Ivey on the healing power of volunteering

A sad consequence of the pandemic is that churches have seen steep volunteering declines in the last two years. But that’s not what scares church leaders the most.

They know the real danger isn’t a temporary volunteering dip. It’s what happens if things stay that way. That kind of interruption in the volunteer pipeline could set back a church’s work by decades if it becomes permanent.

So in this month’s issue, you’ll see how pastors are attacking the problem with all they’ve got. Because this story has resonance for people interested in philanthropy, too: it shows that returning to normal won’t just happen by magic. If we ever want to truly heal, we all have to pitch in to help.

Church Leaders Are Still Waiting for Volunteers to Come Back (Christianity Today) – Church volunteering plummeted to new lows in the pandemic—and they’re still stuck there. Now pastors wonder where and how they’ll find recruits.

Person signing forms

What’s a 990 Form and Why Does It Matter? (The Conversation) – Ever wondered how sites like Charity Navigator get their info? A charity accounting expert explains how one simple disclosure form can help you spot well-run nonprofits.

Young children in a classroom

Children in Uganda Are Finally Back in School. Now What? (BBC) – The world’s longest pandemic school shutdown is over after nearly two years. But many worry students will struggle to catch up, especially after a new UN report on the world’s “nearly insurmountable” learning loss.

Cropped picture of a pile of money

Forbes Names the Top 25 Givers in America (Forbes) – Some familiar faces lead this list of top philanthropists by lifetime giving. But most who took the Giving Pledge still have a long way to go.

An App Also Named ‘Wordle’ Is Raking in Money. The Creator Is Giving It Away. (Mashable) – Developer Steven Cravotta was shocked when his years-old app spiked in popularity because of a coincidence. Now he’s sharing the wealth.

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