July 2021

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Friends in Philanthropy: July 2021 Issue

“She’s the kind of person that, when she gets
into a project, she gets really into it.”

– Amy Phillips on her mother Lisa, who found an unusual way
to fund her charitable donations

Lisa Phillips has sharp eyes. “I’ve always had this knack for finding things,” she told the Philadelphia news outlet Billy Penn. “I’m also 4-foot-10, so I have a better perspective on seeing things because I’m closer to the ground.”

Lisa means that last sentence literally. She’s known for the hundreds of dollars in lost change she’s collected on her daily dog walks, which she donates to retire medical debt. But it’s also tempting to read her story as a larger metaphor about philanthropy.

Because while grand gestures get all the glory, small acts add up when you make them part of your everyday life. In other words, sometimes the change you’re seeking is right at your feet—as long as you remember to look for it.

Is Trust-Based Philanthropy the Future of Giving? (Twin Cities Business) – Unrestricted grants. Streamlined funding requests. Support beyond the check. The Trust-Based Philanthropy Project is urging donors to give nonprofits more space to succeed.

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The Refugee Olympic Team Is As Resilient As You Think (International Rescue Committee) – Right now in Tokyo, 29 athletes are representing the world’s 82 million displaced people. Each one has a story of survival.

Making Change: One Woman’s Quest to Turn Lost Coins Into Philanthropy (Billy Penn) – Lisa Phillips has always had a knack for spotting money on the ground. Now her daily dog walks are retiring thousands in medical debt.

Study: Regular Bible Readers Experienced More Stress in 2020, But Also More Hope (Christianity Today) – An American Bible Study survey confirmed the Bible offered serious solace to the many people in pain last year. Here’s what church leaders should know about the results.

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