March 2022

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Friends in Philanthropy: March 2022 Issue

You probably know it’s a good idea to double-check a charity’s ratings when you’re planning a gift. But do you know the difference between the various charity ratings sites?

Here’s a quick breakdown:

This month we’re wrapping up our two-part series on using charity ratings to make more informed decisions as a donor. Click the first article below for lots more details on what ratings systems like Charity Navigator’s actually tell you.

The Ultimate Guide to Charity Ratings for Donors: Part 2 (Friends in Philanthropy) – Which sites are some of the most popular to check before making a gift? And how do you actually interpret those ratings, anyway? Here’s what you need to know.

Meet the Couple Who Rented an Entire Hotel for Ukrainian Refugees (BBC) – A logistics manager and a police officer living in the U.K. felt they had to help. So they found a closed hotel in their native Poland and started raising funds to rent it.

Most People Plan Their Giving at Year’s End. But That’s Exactly Backwards. (Forbes) – Donations surge in December because of Christmas and the end of the tax year. But you can boost your impact (and your tax benefit) by planning your giving right now.

Russian Oligarchs Have Some Asking: What Should Philanthropy Do With Tainted Money? (Town & Country) – The invasion of Ukraine is putting some charitable institutions in a bind: are they complicit with “reputation laundering”?

The ‘Year of Catastrophic Hunger’ Just Got More Catastrophic (Philanthropy News Digest) – The UN was already warning 2022 would be a dire year for hunger. Then Russia invaded Ukraine. Now supply chain problems, inflation, and diverted attention may make things much worse.

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