September 2021

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Friends in Philanthropy: September 2021 Issue

“Just ask them how we as funders can be helpful to them,
and you’ll get some really interesting answers.”

– Foundation president Philip Li on a simple mindset shift
that defines “trust-based philanthropy”

Donors have a tough job. On the one hand, they want to ensure they’re maximizing the impact of their giving. On the other, they know attaching too many conditions to their support can actually backfire by forcing nonprofits to jump through hoops to get it.

But as you’ll see in this month’s issue, there’s no shortage of smart people working on this dilemma. Over at the Stanford Social Innovation Review, you’ll hear experts discuss how to balance “strategic giving” and “trust-based philanthropy,” two philosophies that seem almost opposite until you learn how to integrate them.

And elsewhere, you’ll find more tips for boosting your impact, from setting up a donation-matching campaign to tying philanthropy in with your business.

So if there’s one overarching theme this month, it’s that effective support doesn’t just happen—you have to will your way there with your wits and your wisdom.

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Why You Should Sponsor a Donation-Matching Challenge (Charity Navigator) – An experienced donor explains how matching challenges have increased the effect of his family’s giving by up to 1200%.

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Getting Into Family Philanthropy? You Might Have to “Set a New Table” (Wealth Management) – Before your multi-generational project can succeed, you may need to rethink some ingrained family dynamics. Here are 3 steps you can take.

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How A YouTube Star Turned Viral Views Into Hurricane Aid—and Vice Versa (Dexerto) – In the wake of Ida, mega-popular YouTuber MrBeast distributed thousands of free meals to survivors in Louisiana. How does he fund his philanthropy? By filming it, of course.

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Philanthropic Tie-Ins Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune (Forbes) – Give time off for volunteering. Train nonprofit staff. Here are 10 ways small businesses can support good causes without jeopardizing their financial health.

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AUDIO: Understanding Trust-Based Philanthropy and Strategic Giving (Stanford Social Innovation Review) – How should donors view their role? “Trust-based philanthropy” and “strategic giving” offer different answers, but these experts agree combining them gives you the best of both worlds. (20-minute podcast.)

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