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One monthly email. Five essential stories from around the web.
Plug into philanthropy in minutes a month.

One monthly email. Five essential stories from around the web.

Plug into philanthropy in minutes a month.

Philanthropy begins with generosity, but it doesn’t end there. If you already make occasional charitable donations, you may be wondering: how do I get more serious about my giving? How do I structure my gifts to stretch every dollar? And how do I make my philanthropy not just an afterthought, but a meaningful part of my life?

As a well-established nonprofit, Kinship United understands that tackling these questions can seem daunting. So we created a small step you can take today. You can subscribe to Friends in Philanthropy, a free philanthropy newsletter that collects the month’s most vital stories in one easy-to-scan email.

By signing up, you’ll begin to see how savvy donors think about giving. And you’ll be able to carry a conversation the next time you meet a fellow philanthropist—even if you only have a few minutes a month to keep up.

What kinds of stories will you discover each month?

Smarter Giving

Learn the financial strategies sophisticated donors use to maximize their impact.

Industry Trends

Find out how philanthropy is evolving to meet an avalanche of new challenges. (Hint: it’s happening fast.)

Profiles in Philanthropy

Meet the famed figures and unsung heroes pushing to build a better future—and to find meaning in their work.

Global Perspective

Witness the humanity we share with refugees, orphans, and other overlooked people around the world.

Life and Spirit

Catch surprising and inspiring tidbits about the faith-based philanthropy lifestyle.

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Children at the Buwanda Kinship Project

Children at the Buwanda Kinship Project in Uganda

Kinship United works with indigenous pastors to build safe church homes for orphans and widows in 10 countries. Our Kinship Projects provide a loving environment, nutritious meals, education, and more to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Visit our website to see how our Kinship Projects help orphans and widows regain their sense of community

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