August 2023

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Friends in Philanthropy: August 2023 Issue

“It showed me my ideas could do something. I didn’t think of myself as a literacy advocate at that time, but looking back, I’ve been on this journey for a minute.”

– Barbershop Books founder Alvin Irby on the reading program he helped create all the way back in his high school days

Will A.I. transform how nonprofits operate? Can donor-advised funds make it easier for people to get into grantmaking?

These are important questions. But at its heart philanthropy isn’t about technology or tax law. It’s about the human urge to help others.

So in this issue, we’re also sharing stories about people like Alvin Irby, whose nonprofit places books in barbershops so that kids see reading as something you can do for fun. Or Greg Horton, who took his near-death experience as a reminder from God that material wealth isn’t what really matters.

We hope you enjoy their stories, but more importantly, we hope your own experience with philanthropy can bring you that same kind of purpose.

Three Ways Technology Will Fix What’s Broken in Philanthropy (Kiplinger) – Can tech developments like A.I. bring down operating costs and build more trust between donors and charities? The co-founder of a DAF tech company sees reasons for optimism.

Should You Be Giving Through a Donor-Advised Fund? (Kinship United) – Fewer headaches. Lower costs. Smarter tax strategies. Here’s why donors have been flocking to the giving vehicle where you donate now, and worry about disbursing later.

How A Plane Crash Saved Greg Horton’s Life (National Christian Foundation) – Trapped in the wreckage as fuel leaked everywhere, Greg felt the peace of God’s love come over him. That’s when he knew it was time to become radically more generous.

Could These RMD Rules Turn Charitable Donations Into Retirement Income For Life? (Yahoo Finance) – Are you chafing at taking your required minimum distributions in retirement? A recent change in law regarding “charitable gift annuities” might help you preserve your nest egg while doing good.

Meet the Man on a Mission to Fill Barbershops with Books (CNN) – First-grade teacher Alvin Irby figured community barbershops were a prime place for his students to practice reading. Now his nonprofit has brought more than 50,000 books to barbershops across the country.

Why Philanthropic Giving Declined in 2022 (Nonprofit Quarterly) – With the pandemic emergency receding and the stock market slumping, perhaps giving was due for a downturn. Still, there are bright spots in Giving USA’s annual report, like support for international charities.

How To Make Philanthropy Part of Your Work Culture (Forbes) – Volunteer events can help build teamwork and cement your company’s status as a pillar of the community. But it’s often best to start small. Here’s how.

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