January 2021

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Friends in Philanthropy: January 2021 Issue

“You’re not the same man you were. Let’s do this together.”

–Michael Radler to his formerly wayward son Alex, who now helps Michael run the charity 4Africa

Even as we settle into 2021, the uncertainty remains—what should we expect the coming year to look like? In this month’s issue we look backward for clues and forward at predictions. But our first story also reminds us that no matter what the future holds, some things remain beyond doubt: that faith brings clarity, that family is forever, that selflessness is the only route to life’s richest rewards.

How a Father and Son Found Healing 8,000 Miles From Home (National Christian Foundation) – Alex Radler used to call his wealthy father to bail him out of jail. But their work in Africa helped them discover another kind of calling.

Who Won The 2020 Philanthropy Awards? (Inside Philanthropy) – A new class of billionaire mega-donors. Fresh ideas for addressing inequity. These awards spotlight the most important trends in an earth-shaking year for philanthropy.

5 Ways Refugees Helped Battle COVID-19 in 2020 (UNHCR) – Some made medical supplies. Others made music. All year long refugees around the world did their part to keep their communities healthy and hopeful.

Could We See A V-Shaped Recovery for Volunteering? (The Nonprofit Times) – Volunteer levels collapsed when the pandemic hit. But there’s reason to think we’re headed for an all-out volunteering renaissance this year.

Dear Elon Musk: Here’s How You Should Donate Your Money (Vox) – The newly minted “world’s richest man” recently asked Twitter for philanthropy advice. Here’s what he needs to know.

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