June 2022

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Friends in Philanthropy: June 2022 Issue

What will corporate giving look like in 10 years? If survey results are any indication, nothing like today.

That’s the conclusion the “corporate purpose” tech company Benevity reached after studying shifting attitudes among customers, employees, and investors.

Essentially they found that all these stakeholders want to be involved in how the company creates value for the world beyond the bottom line. And they generally have strong feelings about what that looks like.

Ultimately Benevity believes the conclusion is as simple as it is profound: “Purpose leads to more loyal customers, more engaged people—and a stronger bottom line.”

Read on for more stories and insights that can inspire you to build that future, whatever you do.

‘Stakeholder Philanthropy’ Is the Future of Corporate Giving (Benevity) – Surveys make it clear: customers and employees want a say in how companies give. Here are the 7 elements of a modern corporate philanthropy program.

Children playing soccer

Barrie Wells Would Rather Not Die Rich (Financial Times) – The 82-year-old British entrepreneur says it’s simple: why let your money sit in a bank when you can use it for good—like helping sick children play sports?

Man looking upward

Why Cognitive Dissonance Is Key To Effective Philanthropy (Worth) – Optimistic and realistic. Patient and ferocious. Two nonprofit consultants say the best philanthropists learn to think in contradictions.

A woman sitting in a wheelchair

How One Woman Is Helping People With Disabilities Evacuate Ukraine (UNHCR) – When war broke out in her home country, Tetiana Barantsova escaped in a wheelchair. Now, from her new home in Latvia, she’s helping others do the same.

A blue arrow pointing up and a red arrow pointing down

Giving USA 2022: There’s Good News, and There’s Inflation News (ABC News) – The major annual report found U.S. charitable giving hit another all-time high in 2021—and it still lost ground to inflation.

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