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Scrabble letters flying in the air

January 2022

Church leaders are wondering how to win back volunteers after the pandemic made numbers plummet. Then, a coincidence involving Wordle leads to a generous gift.

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December 2021

Find out 9 trends that will shape philanthropy in 2022. Plus, get inspired by stories of givers setting aside all the strategy and performing spontaneous acts of kindness.

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November 2021

Meet the 13-year-old who used his Make-a-Wish request to feed the homeless. Then catch up on the crypto donation trend, the new malaria vaccine, and year-end tax tips.

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A blue church building

October 2021

Is it odd that one of the largest supporters of Christian missionary hospitals in Africa is an observant Jewish couple? Not if you ask them.

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September 2021

Are “trust-based philanthropy” and “strategic giving” opposites? These experts say no way. Plus, YouTube mega-star MrBeast’s vision of philanthropy involves racking up major views.

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