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May 2022

In 1999, a stranger on a plane gave two sisters $100. Now thanks to the internet, they can finally reconnect. Plus: what exactly do we mean by “trust-based philanthropy”?

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Family on beach at sunset

April 2022

How do you know if a family foundation is worth exploring? Learn 7 signs you might be ready—and 4 you might not. Plus, inflation is putting charities in an impossible bind.

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March 2022

How should you actually use those charity ratings sites when planning a gift? Part 2 of our original guide will show you. Also, the latest on how philanthropy is dealing with what’s happening in Ukraine.

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Four Stars

February 2022

What do those ratings from Charity Navigator actually mean? Find out with our original charity ratings guide for donors. Plus, a disease that once infected millions of Africans is on the verge of eradication.

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Scrabble letters flying in the air

January 2022

Church leaders are wondering how to win back volunteers after the pandemic made numbers plummet. Then, a coincidence involving Wordle leads to a generous gift.

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