Monthly Issues

September 2021

Are “trust-based philanthropy” and “strategic giving” opposites? These experts say no way. Plus, YouTube mega-star MrBeast’s vision of philanthropy involves racking up major views.

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Rack of clothes

August 2021

Meet the man who spends 80 hours a week funneling clothes, food, and home goods to people who need them. Plus, is it selfish to talk about your charitable giving—or is it actually altruistic?

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July 2021

Find out why more nonprofits are saying, “Trust us”—and grantmakers are listening. Then, meet the Refugee Olympic Team, and see the data that shows the Bible gives hope.

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Cropped picture of a pile of money

June 2021

Find out 5 reasons why people who can build wealth sometimes don’t know how to give it away. Plus, could donating appreciated stock help you trim your tax bill?

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May 2021

How a fateful Uber conversation helped a driver finish her degree. Plus, Elon Musk’s $150M giving spree, advances in faith-based investing, and more.

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