August 2022

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Friends in Philanthropy: August 2022 Issue

“Everyone has rookie moments in their early years.”

– Ronnie Lott on why his foundation provides training and mentoring, and not just grants, for new nonprofits

Ronnie Lott knows all about development. As an NFL Hall of Famer, he experienced firsthand how far a talented young player can go when he gets the right coaching and support.

And in his second career as a venture capitalist, he became the one doing the mentoring, providing guidance, connections, and other forms of support to promising startups.

Now Lott’s foundation, All Stars Helping Kids, is taking the same “investor’s eye” approach to philanthropy. Early-stage nonprofits don’t just apply to the foundation for grants. They can also land chances for free training, peer networking, and one-on-one coaching.

In this month’s issue, you’ll learn more about ASHK’s effort to “go beyond the grant.” And you’ll also find out other ways smart givers are working through their own challenges, from the right way to measure their performance to how they should be taking care of themselves.

How Ronnie Lott’s Foundation Acts Like an NFL Scout (Exponent Philanthropy) – All Stars Helping Kids doesn’t just cut checks and run. The foundation helps promising new nonprofits develop through coaching, partnerships, and long-term funding.

Two people looking into a well

‘We Were Idolizing Money’: How the Yoons Decided to Give More Than They Keep (National Christian Foundation) – Andy and Mel Yoon weren’t happy. Then David Platt’s book ‘Radical’ convinced them to make a commitment that would change their lives forever.

'Principles' book cover

VIDEO: Ray Dalio Loves To Be Told He Was Wrong (Philanthropy Roundtable) – The founder of the world’s largest hedge fund and the bestselling author of ‘Principles’ thinks radical honesty is the key to success. Read a summary of his “Doers to Donors” interview here.

Two men lifting their hands in worship

Everyone Needs to Practice Self-Aid. (That Means You.) (The Better Samaritan) – The cofounders of the “Spiritual First Aid” program have a simple argument: “To care well for others, we must care well for ourselves.” Here’s how to do that.

Young professionals looking at reports

Are Common Financial Measures Holding Charities Back? (The Conversation) – Many assume charities must keep “overhead” costs low to be effective. But an analysis of more than 4,000 large nonprofits found plenty of reasons to doubt the conventional wisdom.

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