February 2021

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Friends in Philanthropy: February 2021 Issue

“When we say may God protect everyone from this virus,
we mean everyone.”

– Jordanian lawyer Laith Aamer on why he supports including Syrian refugees in his country’s current round of vaccinations

What compels a country to vaccinate recent refugees ahead of its own citizens? Maybe it’s the same thing that makes a Texas furniture store owner open the place up so locals have a warm bed to sleep in—duty, kindness, compassion, grace. Whatever it is, let’s hope philanthropy as a whole can ensure those qualities remain plentiful in a moment where so much else is scarce.

12 Ways To Share Generosity With Your Family (National Christian Foundation) – Here are some ways to help get your children or grandchildren involved in your giving, whether they’re young kids or grown adults.

When Texas Was In Crisis, a Furniture Store Owner Stepped Up—Again (Washington Post) – With people freezing and the power grid failing, “Mattress Mack” did what he does in emergencies: he fired up the generator, readied the beds and sofas, and opened his doors to hundreds in need.

Here Are the Top Takeaways From the Philanthropy 50 (The Conversation) – Three experts share their takes on the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s recent list of top 50 givers. Is Mackenzie Scott rewriting the rules of the game?

Refugees In Jordan Can’t Believe They’re Already Getting the Vaccine (Christian Science Monitor) – Jordan isn’t letting “vaccine nationalism” stop it from inoculating one of its most vulnerable populations.

How Will Philanthropy Keep Evolving in 2021? (National Philanthropic Trust) – Less restrictive grants, more diverse perspectives, better tech—here are the trends NPT’s CEO believes will carry over from philanthropy’s wild past year.

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