August 2020

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Friends in Philanthropy: August 2020 Issue

“I remember it feeling unbelievable, like a Hollywood movie—not something that happens in my backyard.”

–Dr. Noël Busch-Armendariz on the shocking human trafficking case that inspired her work

Philanthropy is inherently cooperative: you don’t solve big problems without attacking them from all angles. This month’s stories are about how drawing on different approaches can help us address major challenges—and how tunnel vision can get us in trouble.

What a Big Empty Concrete Hole Can Teach Us About Effective Giving (NCF) – A crumbling swimming pool in a struggling Latin American community shows how donors’ good intentions can sometimes go awry.

How Kenyans Are Fighting Off A Locust Plague Of Biblical Proportions (BBC) – Facing its worst swarms of locusts in decades, East Africa is scrambling to respond however it can.

One Way to Fight Human Trafficking: Teach How It Works (UT News) – Dr. Noël Busch-Armendariz was stunned by a personal experience with a human trafficking case. Her groundbreaking textbook was her way of fighting back.

19 Ways to Help Your Church Thrive During COVID-19 (NCF) – With challenges mounting, churches need your help with everything from navigating tech issues to looking out for the lonely.

Young Artists Drew a World Where Kindness Defeats COVID-19. Animators Brought It to Life. (UNHCR) – See 7 uplifting animations from a U.N. art contest meant to show solidarity with refugees during the pandemic.

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