September 2020

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Friends in Philanthropy: September 2020 Issue

“It’s a lot more fun to give while you live.”

–Chuck Feeney, founder of the recently shuttered Atlantic Philanthropies

Forty years is a long time. But Chuck Feeney is a dogged guy. Feeney never gave up on a goal that no other billionaire had even attempted before: give away his entire fortune during his lifetime. The Giving While Living concept he pioneered wasn’t just talk. Eight billion dollars later, Feeney’s put his money where his mantra was. Let this month’s issue be a reminder of how much is possible when your heart is in the right place and your eyes stay on the prize.

The Billionaire Who Wanted to Die Broke Is Now Officially Broke (Forbes) – Eight billion dollars. A four-decade quest. Chuck Feeney, a personal hero to both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, finally did it.

The 10 Countries That Accept the Most Refugees (U.S. News & World Report) – When people flee their home countries, where do they go? Not where you might guess, according to this eye-opening list based on U.N. data.

6 Ways to Expand the Impact of Your COVID-19 Giving (Charity Navigator) – Read a brief summary of recommendations based on an in-depth new report from the Center for Disaster Philanthropy.

VIDEO: A Lesson in Turning Adversaries Into Allies (TED Talks) – What we can all learn from animal rights activist Leah Garcés’s experience working with a chicken farmer to create change.

India’s Biggest Slum Contained COVID-19. Can It Survive the Economic Collapse? (Time) – Even with a million people packed into one square mile, the Dharavi section of Mumbai managed to control its outbreak. But what are residents supposed to do now?

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