March 2020

Friends in Philanthropy:
News and Stories for Savvy Givers

10 Questions Every Donor Should Ask Their Wealth Advisor (Forbes) – There’s more to charity than cutting checks. Here’s how to make sure your financial advisor can translate your goals into an effective giving strategy.

The Boss Who Rescued 300 Syrian Refugees (BBC) – Meet the Canadian entrepreneur who spent more than $1 million to relocate dozens of Syrian families to Ontario.

Video: How to Start a Movement (TED Talk) – A classic 3-minute look at what one man dancing alone at a concert can teach us about creating change in the world.

How Giving an Interest in Your Business Can Turn it into an Engine for Generosity (National Christian Foundation) – Giving part of your business (instead of cash) can dramatically increase your impact while minimizing your tax liability.

The Plants That Make Refugee Camps Feel More Like Home (The New Yorker) – Despite unstable living situations, refugees around the world enjoy putting down roots—literally—in the form of humble gardens.

Photos from Unsplash

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