June 2020

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Friends in Philanthropy: June 2020 Issue

“This is unprecedented for us, but these are unprecedented times.”

–MacArthur Foundation president John Palfrey on plans
to issue $125 million in bonds to fund more giving

Like so many other sectors, philanthropy is rethinking its assumptions in light of the crises facing the country. This month’s stories show what it looks like when the nonprofit world puts solving problems ahead of preserving the status quo.

Major Foundations Are Borrowing Millions—Then Giving Them Away (New York Times) – Grantmakers like the Ford Foundation are upending philanthropy’s status quo with plans that increase giving without eroding their endowments.

VIDEO: How Should College Work When You’re Living in a Refugee Camp? (TED) – Forget lectures, due dates, and finals. The Global Education Movement’s competency-based model brings higher education to the displaced on their terms.

5 Principles for Giving Across Racial Lines (National Christian Foundation) – Philanthropist Erin O’Keefe calls her first encounter with nonprofit leader Franklin Ballenger a “divine appointment.” Here’s how they fight racial injustice together.

The Top Philanthropists of 2020 (Town & Country) – Read profiles of the country’s leading givers, with a special emphasis on those who have stepped up during the coronavirus crisis.

Jack Dorsey Is Proving Giving Away Money Doesn’t Have to Be That Hard (Recode) – Lightning-fast decisions. Radical transparency. The Twitter CEO is forcing other mega-donors to rethink their approach—but not everyone thinks he’s solved philanthropy.

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