May 2020

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Friends in Philanthropy: May 2020 Issue

“A lot of times in crisis moments, the world operates out of scarcity. But Christians are meant to operate out of abundance.”

–Jefferson Bethke, co-founder of the “Show Up Now” giving platform

As the coronavirus crisis upends our world, governments, refugees, and philanthropists like you are finding creative new ways to respond. The fight is far from over, but stories like these point the way forward.

All the Ways the CARES Act Encourages More Giving (Forbes) – Extra deductions, fewer limitations, more planning opportunities—the law rewards donors who meet this moment of need.

Medically Trained Refugees Want to Fight the Coronavirus (UNHCR) – They were doctors in their former countries. Now they’re ready to step up—if they can get their training recognized.

Will the Outbreak Change the Giving Pledge’s Unwritten Rules? (Vox) – Bill Gates doesn’t like to tell billionaires where and how to give. But a new donor “marketplace” could mean the end of his hands-off approach.

Photos of Life Under Lockdown in Mumbai (New York Times) – What is life like right now in a city where density makes social distancing impossible and migrant workers can’t just stay home?

How Christians Are Hacking Their Way to Coronavirus Help (Christianity Today) – An app that makes it simple for patients and families to connect is just one compassionate use Christians are finding for tech.

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