November 2020

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Friends in Philanthropy: November 2020 Issue

“It became apparent that we had no choice but to rethink our fundraising, because our commitment to help others will never be in doubt.”

–Salvation Army national commander Kenneth G. Hodder on adapting to the pandemic this Christmas season

Like so much of 2020, the holiday season looks different this year. But one tradition that’s definitely not changing is the spirit of generosity this time of year inspires. With so many Americans staying home, it may be harder than normal to hold a toy drive or pass a collection plate. But nonprofits aren’t letting that stop them from delivering food, supplies, and yes, Christmas cheer, everywhere it needs to go.

4 Questions to Help You Set a Financial Finish Line (National Christian Foundation) – How will you know when you’ve built enough wealth for a lifetime? Philanthropy gets easier when you can answer that question.

Charities Adapt to Save Christmas from COVID-19 (Christianity Today) – The obstacles are many, and the fundraising crunch is real. But Christmas charities like Angel Tree are finding ways forward no matter what.

The Top 3 Trends in Charitable Giving and Why They Matter (ThinkAdvisor) – Giving used to be a by-product of tax planning. But for many, it’s now the point. Here’s how that’s changing financial advice.

Photo Essay: How Uganda’s ‘Street Uncles’ Help Young Addicts Reclaim Their Lives (The Guardian) – Drug use is rampant in Kampala’s slums. But some longtime addicts are teaching others to avoid their mistakes.

Operation Santa Is Going Digital (USA Today) – With need off the charts, USPS is making it easier than ever to adopt a child’s Christmas wish list.

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