October 2020

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Friends in Philanthropy: October 2020 Issue

“When somebody says it’s unrestricted, they’re saying, ‘I trust the way you are running the organization.’”

–Point Foundation Executive Director Jorge Valencia on what MacKenzie Scott’s unrestricted grants mean to nonprofits

With the need to adapt to the coronavirus crisis front and center, it’s clear philanthropy is in a transition period—but a transition to what, exactly? That’s the multi-billion dollar question for people like MacKenzie Scott, whose recent grantmaking efforts represent an unprecedented experiment in speed and freedom. Only time will tell what other philanthropists can learn from her experience, but there’s little doubt of one thing: the charitable times are a-changin’.

What Will MacKenzie Scott Do With Her Billions? (Marker) – A year after divorcing Jeff Bezos, Scott is making unconventional moves in the philanthropy world. Here’s what we know about the mysterious mega-billionaire’s thinking.

How Innovative ‘Keyhole’ Gardens Help Refugees Fight Malnutrition (UNHCR) – A clever gardening technique is supplementing Tanzanian refugees’ diets just as the pandemic causes food rations to plummet.

This ‘Donation Dollar’ Coin Is Designed To Be Given Away (Fast Company) – How is Australia dealing with the drop in nonprofit giving this year? By minting millions of $1 coins labeled for donation. Points for creativity!

5 CARES Act Benefits to Take Advantage of Before Year’s End (Kiplinger) – Don’t miss out on all the temporary ways the tax code rewards giving this year (among other changes you should know about too).

Why Philanthropists Are in a Hurry to Spend Themselves Out of Existence (MarketWatch) – “Spend-down” philanthropy—giving away all of a foundation’s assets by a set deadline—is on the rise. What’s driving the rush?

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